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Drawers Again from dz design
Drawers Again from dz design


The design of this piece makes great use of old drawers creating a wonderfully unique yet functional piece of furniture. As well as being able to hide your stuff away, due to the design, it also doubles up as an attractive display surface to enhance your special objects.

The drawers come from various bits of old redundant or broken furniture that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. As each set of drawers are selected individually, no two pieces will be the same. If possible, we could also incorporate drawers that you already have but no longer want in their current form. The solid wood panels are mitred together at the corners. The original carcase was made using surplus Oak flooring, however, any further pieces will be made from locally grown timber, unless recycled stocks are available. Even the legs came from an old coffee table.


76cm x 69cm x 40cm (WxHxD)

Each peice is individual so dimensions will vary.

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