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Oak Ring Coffee Table I from dz design
Oak Ring Coffee Table I from dz design


This table is made from a hollow branch of an old oak tree, which would otherwise have become firewood. It is a very unusual and tactile piece that cleverly combines rustic with contemporary. This little table will be a great talking point in any home which people will love to touch and admire. The nature of the wood means that no two will ever be the same making these very unique and sought after.

It has been carved out closely following its natural form and finished to a high standard using a natural hard wax oil. The way in which the branch was cut meant that there was a natural split in the wood which we have emphasised by using stainless steel inserts to securely join it back together. The toughened glass top is specially cut to follow the profile of the ring and sits neatly into a recess. We have reused old sixties coffee table legs. We have a limited number of similar size, and larger rings, which are currently available for commission. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


This table measures about 60cm across at its widest point.

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